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<strong>Interior Decorating and Design Dallas, Texas – Bring Your Idea of a Comfortable, Stylish Home to Life!</strong>

Interior Decorating and Design Dallas, Texas – Bring Your Idea of a Comfortable, Stylish Home to Life!

Decor&You is your Interior Design Professional in the Dallas, Texas area

When you are looking for interior design, decor, and style guidance, look no further than to Decor&You. A national leading brand in full-service interior decorating design

Home Interior Decorators – Working Together

Whether you are a DIY'er, need our full-concierge service, or just need a color or room plan, D&Y has approachable, knowledgeable, interiors specialists with service plans and exlusive products to meet any style and budget.

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The Decor&You Proprietary Styleprint® Design System

Using our proprietary Styleprint® Design System, you will be inspired in 3 easy steps. Along with your DecorDesigner, you will create 3 different, one-of-a-kind finished plans that are truly unique, and will bring your idea of a comfortable, stylish home to life.

Full Service Interior Decorating & Design

Our Decor and Design Professionals can help you with any of the following areas, plus more:

-Residential & Commercial Interiors
-Whole Home, or One Room Make-overs
-Home Staging & Restyling
-Office Space Design
-Space Planning & Lighting Design
-Color Scheme Consultation
-Kitchen & Bath Design and Remodel
-Custom Upholstery & Furniture
-Artwork & Accessories
-Area Rugs & Flooring
​-Custom Window Treatments
-Outdoor Living Design & Furnishings 

Complete Project management-from design conception through installation.

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